As told in my earlier post 'Kuppai meni', I am posting  my next herb ,that comes handy  to heal wound ,when I get hurt. It's called' KINATHU POODU ILAI' ( Tridax procumbens, commonly known as coatbuttons or tridax daisy, is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family.)This grows near well or creek or roadsides or farms.It used to grow in our backyards in cities but not anymore but we do find it in outskirts and villages.
When I was browsing to find the English name I was surprised to see that it is noted as " noxious weed in the US and has pest status in nine states."But same site also said about its medicinal value too.

I think normally plants considered as weeds have medicinal values.probably that's why Mother Nature have allowed them to grow widely and we human fail to notice the value and take it for granted and consider them weed.

Anyways coming to the medical point... I have personally used it many times to heal my wound. My amma used to squeeze the juice fron the leaf and apply it on the wound.I remember my amma telling me when I asked about pointing finger in my left arm(the nail will be very lightly turned).I think I must have been a curious kid ... I kept my finger under the needle in sewing machine and pressed and needle went through the finger I guess and my mom used this plant to heal the wound .... This was 35-36 years ago. So I have been using these herbs to heal my wounds with these herbs. But did not know it had other medicinal values too till I read in Weikipedia .It said this anti cancer,anti diabetic,anti arthritic effect when tested on rats. 

In traditional Indian medicine they are used for healing wounds, anticoagulant, antifungal and insect repellent. It is also used in diarrhoea and dysentery,treat infectious skin diseases ,liver disorders, gastritis and heart burn.Have to ask my dad if he has used this in any of his medicines....or his patients for above mentioned issues....of course healing wounds he has used on me 😊 and it has worked.

Will keep posting many more herbs that we see commonly and fail to recognize their use and value... Let's take care of nature and it will take care of us.