Karpooravalli /Omavalli or Mexican mint (as its known in US) is a perennial herb.It has flesh and aromatic leaves.Its very commonly found herb in chennai,India.
I remember my Amma giving me the juice of the leaves to me and my brother when we were kids for our cold. I don't think i liked it then ,but as i grew and started realising its value...i started eating it raw..
My appa used to tell its very good for sore throat and cough too.
I have also seen that they use this leaf as kashayam(tea) for indigestion.My father in law eats this for his bronchitis .
After i came here to US i saw one of my neighbour Make bajji using this leaf.. it tasted very good.Though the medically value may not be the same its nice way of taking the leaf for those who don't eating it raw.
Another common wonder herb in the list will follow...

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Santhakumar Sivaraman said...

Nice to hear about its medicinal value

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